Summer Herb Recipe - My Tuscan Aria

Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Basil, Parsley, Greek Oregano, Mint

These are the herbs that have been flourishing all summer long in my small garden and continue to offer me gifts every day. I have used them abundantly all season but soon, nature will have its way with them. My friend, Carol who lives in Samos, Greece makes herb butter and I'd like to share some of the ways she has made it, as well as a couple of my own. Super easy, multiple uses, freezes well for two months or until Thanksgiving!

I am making 3 butters using 1/2 sticks of unsalted organic butter. (If you prefer salted, that works too). The recipe is the same for all herbs, so you can make a larger size using one stick of butter. Let the butter come to room temperature, very soft and pliable. Snip your favorite herbs, then finely mince (and I mean finely!) in separate piles OR you can make a butter using several herbs. A good rule of thumb is 1-3 teaspoons for one stick of butter, depending on how much flavor you want.

I am making rosemary, sage and a combo of thyme and parsley. I also like to add a bit of lemon zest, especially to the rosemary.

Make your own magical mix.

Place softened butter, herbs and whatever else you'd like to add (garlic, salt, pepper) in a small bowl. Mix it well. Scoop onto parchment or waxed paper and roll it, shaping it into a rounded tube. Wrap it up in plastic. If you plan to use it soon, put in refrigerator. If not, pop it in a freezer bag. It will keep up to two months.

You can slice off pieces, serve with warm bread, dot grilled steak, add to sauces, vegetables, seafood. Uses are only limited by your imagination and cooking skills! 


*Update on Textiles and Fine Art Prints

I have commissioned an artist to create a series of works in acrylic of scenes of Tuscany from places that are personal to me, yet will resonate with any lover of Italy - whether or not one has actually traveled there.

Lloyd Brooks is a fine arts painter, graphic artist, art director and also happens to be my significant other!

These are Limited Edition prints. These are being offered to you at a special price before they are exhibited this Fall.

See the first four works below.

The originals are either hanging in my house or for sale. Pricing upon request.


The Florence Textile Collection

Each model comes with a colorful, exquisite little book of the stories, a work of art in itself.

Packaged beautifully in an organza bag, this also makes a lovely gift.

The Luca della Robbia: Spiritual Illumination

100% Silk Chiffon, Dye Printed. Made in the UK.

The Wrap: 43 x 85 inches

The Scarf:16 x 72 inches

Fine Art Limited Edition Prints

Signed by the Artist and Numbered

The Tuscany Collection

Number One
The Ponte Vecchio (20 x 16)

Number Two
Casa Gialla: Tuscan Landscape (20 x 16)

Number Three
Casa Gialla: Sunlight in Olive Grove (18 x 18)

Number Four
Castello della Panaretta Winery (18 x 18)

See images below

$125.00 each.

Want your view of Tuscany matted and framed? We have selected a beautiful frame for these. If interested, please request a quote.


  • A flat shipping fee of $15.00 per order within the United States. (Or arrange pick up with Carol if local.)
  • Applicable Sales Tax will be added.
  • The silk items come from the UK.  
  • Orders are shipped and delivered to you within (approximately) thirty days.
  • The art will be shipped and delivered to you within two weeks.
  • Payment Options: Check, credit card or Paypal.

Florence: The Ponte Vecchio

This bridge brings the two sides of this city together. Are those two empty chairs waiting for you to come and gaze on the beauty of Florence? Original: SOLD

Impruneta: Casa Gialla, Tuscan Landscape

Casa Gialla (Yellow House) is the first thing guests of my Aria Tour see when they arrive and it's the last picture they take when they leave. It's the quintessential view of Tuscany. Original: SOLD

Casa Gialla: Late Afternoon in the Olive Grove

The olive oil I offer my followers comes from these beautiful old trees. Of course, in November, there will be another harvest and another opportunity for you to obtain some from me! In the meantime, soak up the beauty of this view. Original: Price Upon Request

Castello della Panaretta Winery

In the Chianti region, near San Gimignano, Castello della Paneretta has been the site of wine making since the 1500s.....a place we often visit on the Aria Tour. But it is iconic of all Tuscan gardens with cypress trees and classical sculpture. Original: Price Upon Request


Three of the four that were scheduled during 2020 have been postponed to April 17 - 24, October 2 - 9, and October 16 - 23. The April and late October trips are all single ladies and there are some spots left. Even though there are unknowns around when it will be possible to travel again and there are no assurances, once there is a green light and people feel comfortable, there is going to be a pent up demand. You can send me an email if you'd like to discuss how you might reserve a place, "just in case."

[email protected]

Stay safe and healthy, everyone and thank you for reading and sharing my blogs.

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