Venetian Style is All About Simplicity - My Tuscan Aria
Simplicity, Venetian Style

This is my fabulous friend Fredricka. She just spent a month "working" remotely from Venice. Lucky Girl.

But boy, did she ever experience some workarounds!  Like how to work, shop, live in a city with no cars, tiny spaces, hundreds of stair steps, incredibly strict recycling rules.  What at first seemed like daunting constraints, turned into a life-changing awareness of how to simplify and beautify at the same time.  

Every time I return from Italy, I recommit myself to these beliefs:  small is beautiful.  simple is beautiful.  And Venice, in particular holds many lessons around this because of its very nature.

I invite you to click and read her short but powerful blog on a website called Advisa, a fantastic leadership development company that is holding a Field Trip for Women on June 21st in Indianapolis - on this very subject, SIMPLICITY!  

Leave a comment on her blog or send one to me if you would like to share how you have beautified your lifestyle by simplifying something.  
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