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Puccini! And He was Here.

“Opera takes the best and worst of mankind and brings it to the place that shatters you.”
– Aristide, The Stonecutter’s Aria

Most hands do not go up when I ask my audiences, “Who is an opera fan?” It’s as if I had asked, “Who is a big fan of brussels sprouts?”

Yes, there will be a few enthusiasts, but most faces go neutral, some almost grimacing.

Sarasota Opera House

While it’s true that it is the most expensive performance art form in the world, opera’s power lies in the most human of experiences.

It was Giacomo Puccini who understood this best. He brought opera into the 20th century. Prior to this, operas (which literally means “works”) were based on stories of the nobility or the gods, a realm unreachable for most.

Puccini wrote about the common man and woman, the people often living in the margins.

He wrote about disadvantaged and abandoned women and children (Madama Butterfly)….

Artists living on the edge

(La Boheme)…

The adulterers (Il Tabarro)…

Conniving family members

(Gianni Schicchi)…

Women who had to give up babies (Suor Angelica)…

Brave and independent women (La Fanciulla del West, The Girl of the Golden West, Puccini’s opera about the American frontier).

Even political terrorism and intimidation (Tosca)

Puccini wrote at the same time that millions of Italians were emigrating to America.

Can you imagine what an inspiration his stories were to these immigrants? Which is why they not only listened to his music, but sang the arias while they worked…on railroads, in mines, in quarries.

No wonder that some readers have said they found themselves wanting to listen to opera while they were reading my book. No surprise, as I listened to it when I wrote it, so I could convey the immediacy of the emotions.

Meeting Puccini Where He Lives

One of the most beautiful gifts I have received in creating the Aria Tour was meeting Puccini’s granddaughter, Signora Simonetta Puccini – a grand lady, his last living descendant, head of his Foundation. I delivered to her a copy of The Stonecutter’s Aria years ago and she read it. Because my tribute to Puccini’s music endeared her, she has made it possible for me and my guests to come to the Puccini house in Torre del Lago (Tower on the Lake) and enjoy both a private home tour and concert in the salon.

(Signora Puccini and Carol)

She invites a soprano and accompanist (it is a great honor for them to be asked to perform in Puccini’s home). For an hour, we get to sit and listen up close and personal to the soaring voice and the music played on the very piano on which the Maestro wrote his master works.

It feels as if we have stepped over a threshold into the veiled past. We are hearing the music just as he would have heard it.

I have been to many operas from the Met in NYC to a chapel in Rome to an outdoor performance in Carrara – but this experience transcends time.

Puccini! And he was there.

Come with me in the Spring and experience this for yourself. You don’t have to be an opera lover to be transformed by the power of a moment suspended in time.


(Torre del Lago, View from Puccini’s home)

Aria Tour Updates

April 7 – 14, 2018 – Saturday to Saturday. All you have to do is get yourself to Florence. We take care of absolutely everything else.

Last call for October 21 - 28!

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  1. David Castellucci says:

    As alwyas, beautifully written!

    • Carol Faenzi says:

      Grazie, Davide!

      I am sorry I was not able to get to the Marble Institute gathering – but really didn’t know how I would “fit in”. I hope it was a success. Would still like to get on the phone one day. – Carol

  2. Giannina says:

    Thrilling, suspended in time stepping into the life of Puccini with you last trip, Carol.

  3. Rina Piga says:

    Carol I love reading your blog and see pictures that some I have not seen of my homeland!

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