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Carol has created and delivered a variety of presentations and workshops across the United States based on her Italian immigrant heritage, her travels through Tuscany and her passion to help people preserve their family stories and rituals..

Here is a sampling of some of the institutions and organizations who have engaged Carol:


"I had sought my ancestors in their stories, found them by walking in the stardust of ancient quarries, by turning faded pages of cemetery records one by one, and by sitting alone and listening to arias. And in doing so, I found myself too."
-The Stonecutter's Aria

Writing Down the Family Stories: How to Begin

Are you the torchbearer, the repository for family photographs, documents and memories? Do you have a desire to pass these on to your children and grandchildren but don't know where to start? Here is your invitation to spend a few hours with Carol Faenzi, as she shares with you proven and practical techniques to help you create a vehicle for preserving family stories, rituals and traditions. From organizational tips, to how to read the clues in photographs, this workshop is a journey of discovery. This workshop can be adapted to the needs of the group, including a strong emphasis on writing.

Visually Stunning Programs and Keynote Speeches

Carol infuses her presentations with her beautiful photographic images as well as music, specifically the Italian opera arias of Puccini and Verdi. Depending on the audience, she will create a custom, curated program for your group.

From Italy to Indiana- The Legacy of a Stone Carver

Carol's great grandfather was born in Carrara, Italy, the site of the world famous white marble quarries. He emigrated to America 100 years ago and settled in Indiana, famous for its world class limestone. This very personal and poignant program takes the audience on a journey from Italy to America and explores the profound relationship that has existed for 2,000 years between man and stone, from the ancient Romans to the Renaissance to our modern day. Using stunning photography, both vintage and Carol’s body of work, this inspiring presentation is perfect for organizations focused on history, geology, architecture, Italian culture and art.

Don't Forget Them: The Journey of The Stonecutter's Aria

The author's personal story of her ancestors' emigration from Italy to America transcends ethnicity, a universal portrayal of longing and reunion, belonging and connection. This photographic journey takes the audience from the marble quarries of Italy, to the threshold of the ship which brought her ancestors to America, to the brutal realization of immigrant life in this new world and how dreams were realized despite hardship. Carol's own journey to her beautiful ancestral homeland of Tuscany to complete the circle dramatically changed her life. The much loved opera arias by Puccini and Verdi that her great grandfather sang are remembered in this program with a live opera solo performance. A staged reading with actors is an optional enhancement to the program. This presentation is perfect for organizations focused on history, Italian culture, immigration, storytelling and legacies.

Puccini: His Heroines, Villains and Timeless Arias

Using photography and music, this program takes the audience into Puccini's creative world. A life that encountered dazzling successes, profound failures, fatal scandals and unforgettable friends, enemies and lovers, all of which found their way into his breathtakingly beautiful compositions. Carol’s book, The Stonecutter’s Aria was written in the form of a three-act opera and her ancestral story is woven into the program, which includes a live opera aria performance as an option. This program is perfect for arts organizations, opera companies, Italian cultural societies, Lunch and Learn groups.

The Etruscans in the Tuscan Maremma

The ancient Etruscans built and fortified their cities against barbarians over 3,000 years ago. These wise and intelligent people left an eternal mark on civilization and archaeologists are still mystified by much of their culture and language. The author’s family has a farm in this land, which is filled with ancient tombs, ceremonial passageways and cities which have not changed since medieval times. This stunning visual program takes audiences on a journey to a culture that venerated women as well as created the wine and oil export trade that still exists today. This program is perfect for organizations focused on archaeology, Italian culture and history, Tuscany travel, Lunch and Learn groups.

Verdi: Passion, Politics and Parmigiano

Giuseppe Verdi, born in Parma, Italy composed 25 operas during his long life. The politics of his day and his strong beliefs were embedded in his music, sometimes performed right under the noses of Italy's oppressors. His famous works which include the arias, Va Pensiero and La Donna è Mobile reflect his range of emotions as he explored tragedy and comedy, showing us the very thin line that separates them. This musical and visual program will inform and infuse the senses by including a delectable tasting of Parma's famous Parmigiano Reggiano! A live opera aria solo is optional. This presentation is perfect for Lunch and Learn groups, arts organizations, opera companies and Italian cultural groups.
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