International Women's Day - My Tuscan Aria

March 8th is International Women's Day

Who are the women in your life that you honor? How is this day celebrated in Italy and why is the Mimosa flower its symbol? This is the perfect day to reflect on our friendships and to celebrate and share powerful Feminine energy. Boy, does the world need it.

I am thinking of my female ancestors whose courage and love sustained my family and gave me the gift of being alive and passing on their wisdom, rituals, and stories. Raise a glass to the women in your life!

Thank you, Coby Palmer Designs, Indianapolis, for sourcing these exquisite mimosa flowers!

Next Time:

An update on our brand new studio, which will be both a working and gallery space. Lloyd Brooks' paintings and my Italian textiles. Here is a glimpse.

What I'm Reading...

Local author, Sandra Hurt, has written a terrific book about ancient women and their voices call out to us today. A perfect read for Women's Day. Order on Amazon or her website

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