Disconnect to Reconnect

“The more we become immersed in technology, the more difficult it is to be patient with the unpredictability of living.”
– Jon O’Donahue

Over the past two weeks, I have gone on a technology detox. I had been feeling a longing for something I had been unable to put into words.

On my way to Tuscany, I took a week visiting dear friends who live on a remote island in Greece. Not so remote that it has no internet connection, but a place so breathtakingly beautiful and idyllic in its peace – that all I wanted to do was put away my phone and surrender to the moment.

The longing I had been feeling was simple: to reconnect with myself without interruption of unwelcome news, flow of information and a constant need to anticipate what was next or even take too many photos.

Too much Facebook drains my soul. While being reminded of someone’s birthday to wish them well, or staying in touch with people I love who live far away from me is positive, the remaining 99% is a crushing mishmash of angry opinions, the latest tweetstorms, silly inventions and constant promotion.

While on this island, I allow myself an email check-in once a day – the remaining 23-1/2 hours, I am resting, daydreaming, walking, writing (pen and paper), having long conversations with my friends, drinking a little wine, looking deeply into the Aegean sea, attending to what nurtures my soul – in other words, having an unpredictable day and letting it be what it is.

I have also made a promise to myself that I will not go back into the technology jungle. I may have to traverse it but I don’t have to get lost there. When was the last time you gave yourself a day to reconnect?


Spring in Tuscany

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Save the Date!

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