A must-read for any book club
Your Book Club
"Thanks again for coming to our book club last week. I have had so much positive feedback from the group. Everyone enjoyed the book and the lively discussion! It will be hard to go back to having book club without the author!"
- Jan W, Indianapolis

A Personal Message from Carol

You are at the heart of my reading audience. I say “yes” to invitations because I get to learn what you, my readers really think about the story. Plus, there is an opportunity for you not only to ask questions about the book, the “characters” or the style, but also about the writing process – as often, I find readers can also be aspiring writers! There is a very generous, conversational and intimate exchange that takes place when readers and authors meet. Because The Stonecutter’s Aria is a story about immigration, sometimes a discussion will include sharing your own family stories with me. And because it is about Italy, we often share travel experiences, even recipes!

If you live in the Indianapolis area, I will attend personally. Thanks to SKYPE, it is now easy to arrange a time for me to visit you no matter where you live. People often ask me if there is a charge for me to attend. I do not charge for my time, but I do request that the members purchase copies of the book from me in advance. This is easily arranged. My Reading Guide is available upon request and serves to prompt lively discussions. The questions come from the many book clubs I have attended.

Thank you for selecting The Stonecutter's Aria for your book club. I would love to hear from you.