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​"An Italophile's delight." - Ross King, NYTimes Bestselling Author of Brunelleschi's Dome

Review of The Stonecutter's Aria


The true story of Aristide Giovannoni, a stone carver from Carrara with a passion for opera, is the basis for this novel, which, like an opera, is divided into three acts that span over 100 years. It begins with Aristide's 30-day crossing to America in the early 1900s on a ship where "disease, exhaustion and fear clung to us like our wrinkled and filthy clothes," and ends in the present with his great-granddaughter, the author of the novel.

About the Author

​Carol Faenzi's award-winning historical novel is based on the true stories of her marble-carving, opera-singing ancestors who emigrated over 100 years ago from Carrara, Italy, the site of the most famous white marble quarries in the world.

From the publisher...


The novel takes the reader on a thrilling journey from Tuscany to the New World, a universal story of hope and heartache, separation and reunion, brutality and beauty. Following in the footsteps of Michelangelo, and with the stunning beauty of Puccini's opera arias as background, this is an intimate portrayal of the author's family and how their courage dramatically changed her life generations later.

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"An Italophile's delight." - Ross King, NYTimes Bestselling Author of Brunelleschi's Dome

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