Announcing a new website - My Tuscan Aria
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My Tuscan Aria


Announcing a new website.

In the ten years since The Stonecutter’s Aria was published, I have been on a journey that I could never have foreseen. I invite you to explore the beauty of a sentence, the beauty of a landscape, the beauty of Tuscany. 

The Aria, or the “song” of my ancestors led me to create programs to inspire people to preserve their own family stories and rituals. It also brought me into many of your homes to join in your book club discussion groups where I heard touching stories of your immigrant ancestors.

I learned so much about the universal quality of memories that transcend ethnicity and time, Thank you.

As one of my readers put it, a man who emigrated to the United States from South America, “It doesn’t matter if you immigrated yesterday or 100 years ago, the emotions are the same.”

Four years ago, the Aria Tour of Tuscany was born – born out of my desire to share the authentic beauty of my ancestral homeland with my readers as well as with anyone who desires to travel to the world’s most popular destination – not as a tourist, but as a seeker of beauty.

Many of you who are reading this have traveled with me – once, twice, and even three times! What began as an 8-day journey of experiences, has resulted in bonds of friendship and lifetime memories.

You have inspired me to continue to cultivate these experiences and each excursion becomes a curated “immersion into beauty,” as Anne P of Texas put it when describing the Spring 2015 Tour.

And coming full circle, creating the Aria Limestone Tour in southern Indiana, my intention is to further engage people with this “journey of the stone.” Stone is ancient and contains memory of the peoples who lived among them. My guests are often surprised at how emotional they feel in the quarries, whether they are with me in the marble mountains 3,000 feet above sea level or in Bedford, Indiana.

You have also inspired me to share not only experiences with you, but products! The Italian lifestyle can seem to have a mysterious, almost unattainable quality to it, which is why people long to be there.

But it is possible to bring it back with you, or taste it before you make a trip. Like Olive Oil. Tasting it a few days after it is pressed is a singular experience, best had in Italy. Most guests of mine buy and ship it home and become addicted! Which is why every Fall, the “olio nuovo,” the new oil, will be available through this new website. More products to come.

Read, taste, travel. Welcome to My Tuscan Aria!

My Tuscan


  1. Pat Smith says:

    It is my dream to, one day, travel to Tuscany. My father’s family (Palmieri) is from Sulmona, a province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo.
    I so enjoy reading your blog.

    • Carol Faenzi says:

      Thank you, Pat! I have a couple of spots available for the last week in April. Why not come along?

  2. Sandra Hurt says:

    Dear Carol,

    I want to hear more about your travels to Bedford.
    A natural progression for sure.
    Keep me posted!


    • Carol Faenzi says:

      I will! Just a few more weeks until Tuscany. I am looking forward to seeing you and Cathie in Florence.

  3. Shari says:

    Nicely done. The trip through Tuscany opened minds, hearts and imagination. Glorious and unforgettable.

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