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The Story That Started My Love Affair With Italy...

Come with me as we travel to another time and place. Start your journey to Italy by reading the first chapters of my book for free.

I take people to Italy, creating personal excursions for small groups that transcend sightseeing, opening the doors to beauty that were once opened for me.

I invite you to explore the pages of my website as an armchair traveler to Tuscany, but even better, join me this year on one of my Aria Tours.

“I had sought my ancestors in their stories and found them by walking in the stardust of ancient marble quarries, by listening to opera arias and in doing so, I found myself too.”

- Carol Faenzi, The Stonecutter's Aria

The Aria Tour of Tuscany

Have you ever dreamed of living in an Italian villa? This is true luxury: beautiful and authentic. Surrounded by lush vineyards and ancient olive groves, tour stunning 17th century villa near Florence is your home for several days.

Together with Alessandra Marchetti, a native Florentine and art history guide, Carol Faenzi has created a one of a kind excursion - a journey through Tuscany that most visitors do not experience.

The Cradle of the Renaissance

On the Aria Tour, we follow Michelangelo around everywhere!  In Florence, to view his sculptures....then up to the famous marble quarries of Carrara where the Artist personally selected his blocks of stone.  

Alessandra Marchetti, guide and historian, whose property was once owned by Michelangelo himself, is an expert on his life and will mesmerize you with her stories. Often, a personal visit to this home can be arranged, which is never open to the public.

What The Guests Say


Tuscany blew me away! There was a feeling of being swept away to an enchanting place and time that was almost unbelievable. It filled me with great joy. I will never forget this trip, including the sensual, orgasmic food!

Elaine C.

Traverse City


The Aria Tour was balm for my soul.  I was often exhilarated, awestruck and speechless. Carol and Alessandra created a journey of art, music, food and wine that has put Tuscany in my heart forever!

Deb M.


I have lived part time in Europe for twenty-five years and often visit Italy, but I have never seen it this way. Carol and Alessandra opened many hidden doors that gave us unforgettable experiences every day. They have created something very special.

Carol O.
Samos, Greece

Carol Faenzi

My love affair with Italy began long ago, when my grandmother took me to our ancestral homeland in Tuscany. She opened the door to a world of beauty and enduring family connections.

That door to beauty is open to you.

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About Carol

During a sabbatical from a busy corporate career, Carol bought a one way ticket to Tuscany, her ancestral homeland...a journey that dramatically changed her life.

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